National Action Plan of SDGs Establishment (Doc: Puskasbaznas/Hasbi)

PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, JAKARTA -- On Tuesday (10/1) the Ministry of National Development Planning Agency held an exposure of National Action Plan (RAN) of SDGs 2017 - 2019. This event was attended by related institutions and ministries at Bappenas Head Office. BAZNAS was represented by Nana Mintarti (BAZNAS Commissioner) and Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal as well as Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa (PUSKAS BAZNAS).

Sustainable  Development  Goals (SDGs)  is a government program that touches all dimensions of development and involve many ministries, institutions and communities. One of them is BAZNAS. BAZNAS has shown its contribution in reducing poverty and inequality which is the part of the SDGs.

Points included in the SDGs are (1) No Poverty; (2) Without Hunger;  (3) Healthy and Prosperous Life;  (4) Qualified Education; (5) Gender Equality; (6) Decent Water and Sanitation; (7) Clean Energy and Affordable; (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth; (9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; (10) Reduced Gaps; (11) Cities and Settlements Sustainable; (12) Consumption and Production are Responsible; (13) Climate Change Handling; (14) Marine Ecosystems; (15) Mainland Ecosystem; (16) Peace, Justice and Institutional Tough; and (17) Partnership for achieving the goals.

To prove the commitment of BAZNAS on the involvement in SDGs, PUSKAS BAZNAS conducted a study about Fiqh Zakat on SDGs. It is a concept from Muslims to be used as part of strengthening the implementation of SDGs.


(Rep: Hidayaneu/Ed: Amelya)