PUSKASBAZNAS, Jakarta -- On Thursday (22/02), the Division of Research and Studies, Puskas BAZNAS held training on National Zakat Index (IZN) and Zakat Village Index (IDZ) Batch 1 in Millenium Hotel, Jakarta. This first batch training was attended by national zakat institution (LAZNAS) and 8 BAZNAS Province, 27 BAZNAS districts in Java and Kalimantan. By holding this training, Puskas BAZNAS is hoping all zakat institution can participate in implementing IDZ and IZN.

Zakat Village Index (IDZ) is a new measurement tool developed by Puskas BAZNAS to measure thoroughly how much a village needs to be assisted by using zakat funds.

In addition, this measuring instrument is also useful as monitoring and evaluation tools for community development programs such as zakat community development (ZCD) in the village. This year, Puskas BAZNAS will implement the IDZ in 121 villages all around Indonesia.

Rep: Ulfah