The implementation of mass cataracts surgery in North Maluku Province which held by BAZNAS on Wednesday (07/03) was run smoothly and successfully.

This activity was inaugurated by Chairman of BAZNAS Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA and witnessed by North Maluku Governor, Abdul Ghani Kasuba, in Ternate City, North Maluku Province, Thursday (8/3/2018). The event was attended by 350 cataract patients from the dhuafa. They confirmed feasible to join cataract surgery after passing through the screening process followed by about 1000 applicants.

“Alhamdulillah, mass cataract surgery in Ternate City followed by 350 patients with cataracts went well, successful and festive, "said Chairman of BAZNAS Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA.

He explained, the program is expected to be a good example of zakat distribution which are transparent and accountable, so that can be imitated by BAZNAS provinces, districts / cities and Amil Zakat Institution (LAZ).

"This program can be applied in the same area and other regions throughout Indonesia and become a benchmark on the distribution of good zakat," he said.

However, according to him, the most important thing in this program is the synergy between BAZNAS, LAZ national and regional, as well as with other community institutions as well as local governments throughout the country in order to make a good zakat distribution which are transparent and accountable.

Tagline "Maluku Indah Bebas Katarak (Maluku, Cataract Free)", added Bambang, is a North Maluku dream. But according to him, it does not mean North Maluku is only free from cataracts, but also free from prostate cancer, cervical cancer, free from tuberculosis, as well as free from other diseases.

Mr. Bambang said the event was held as a continuation of BAZNAS cooperation with Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) which has been implemented in West Papua Province. 

“This social services in cataract surgery massively held in North Maluku Province, because according to our data, the number of people with cataract in the region is high, " he said.

According to him, BAZNAS prepared a budget of Rp 738,350,000 for this event.

"It aims to reduce the number of blindness caused by cataract disease, increase community expectations and productivity," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Rumah Sehat BAZNAS Indonesia (RSBI), dr. Meizi Fachrizal Ahmad, M. Si, explained, cataracts, among others, caused by genetic factors or diabetes mellitus. 

"Therefore, Rumah Sehat BAZNAS Indonesia not only conducts free mass eye cataract surgery, but also provides counseling about the causes and prevention of cataract disease," he said.

According to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), in 2002, cataracts were the single most important cause of blindness in the world, 48 percent of the total cases of global blindness.

"The number of cataract patients in Indonesia reaches 1.5 percent per two million population. These conditions make 240,000 people in this country threatened by blindness due to cataracts, "said dr. Fachri.

He explained, AMCF team has conducted a survey related to the cost of cataract surgery in North Maluku which is Rp 5 million per patient.

"We have often done social service in cataract surgery through Rumah Sehat BAZNAS (RSB) Jakarta, So in order to strive for efficiency, we ask the RSB Jakarta to communicate with the Association of Indonesian Eye Specialists (Perdami) center, "he said.

According to dr. Fachri, the cost of cataract surgery from Perdami center is cheaper, which is about Rp 2 million-2.5 million. Meanwhile, the cost of cataract surgery in a regular hospital is approximately Rp 10 million. 

"That includes all the costs of cataract surgery. Therefore, RSB Jakarta also decided to directly cooperate with Perdami to participate in this mass health care activities. The operation is conducted for a week from 7 to 11 March 2018, "he said. 

Fachri said that BAZNAS through RSBI has also coordinated with BAZNAS of North Maluku Province, BAZNAS of Ternate City, Rumah Zakat and Health Office of Ternate City, which agreed to execute this program at Muhammadiyah Ternate Islamic Hospital. (*)

 (Source: BAZNAS l Translate : Tita)