PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Tanah Bumbu - Center of Strategic Studies, The National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) visited 2 (two) villages in Tanah Bumbu district, South Kalimantan on Wednesday (14/03). The survey aims to assess and measure Indeks Desa Zakat (IDZ) in both villages.

Tanah Bumbu district is one of the districts in South Kalimantan which is mineral-rich area particularly coal and gold. However, the condition of the villages still needs improvement whether in their economic activities, village facilities as well as their mindset. Currently, almost all the villagers depend on mine which is not last long and also costing the environment.

LAZ Al-Azhar saw this condition and try to help the villagers to change their mindset from mine-oriented activity to horticulture plantation in Mangkalapi Village and rice-field farmers in Tibarau Panjang village. Furthermore, to capture the condition of the villages, LAZ Al-Azhar together with Puskas BAZNAS measured IDZ in Mangkalapi and Tibarau Panjang village.

Horticulture plantation in Mangkalapi Village

In general, the facilities in Mangkalapi village is quite good in some places compare to the early 2000’s where the only access to the village is by the river. However, there is still some part of the village which does not have electricity and clean water. They are still using water from the polluted river that is not good for their health. Moreover, the road condition also needs improvement and there is no public transport in the village that makes difficult for the villagers to go outside their village.

In addition, the condition in Tibarau Panjang village is quite the same. Currently, some of the villagers are farmers who used to be miners. With the program from LAZ Al-Azhar, farmer groups increased from 3 groups to 9 groups. However, villagers still need improvement as there are still have 200 hectares unprocessed land but they do not have sufficient capital.

(Rep: Tita)