PUSKASBAZNAS. COM - Center of Strategic Studies, The National  Board of Zakat ( Puskas BAZNAS) on 26-28 March 2018 Puskas Baznas had visit Salatiga regency in Central Java province to take samples related to Aqidah Vulnerability Study in Kembang Village, Randuacir sub-district, Argomulyo district.
The visit was accompanied by the Chairman of BAZNAS Salatiga regency namely Mr. Muhammad Fathan Budiman. Furthermore, Kembang village is also a BAZNAS assisted-village which employ zakat-based funds for productive businesses program. However, in Kembang village, the Christian-missionaries movement was intensively carried out by priests or churchmen who came from house to house to spread Christian religion. Generally, their main targets are poor people.
The sampling was collected from 1 public figure/ religious leader, 1 convert person (Muallaf) and 2 former church activist who had been work actively as a missionary. Community leaders in the village also said that most of the apostate movements are still using an economic approach especially to the Muslim poor or the needy. Thus, it is essential to strengthen the Shari’a economic movement that encourages zakat based productive economic activities in the village.
Meanwhile, according to an interviewed Muallaf, they still often get visits from missionaries or pastors of the church where they used to be active because they do not want if they are leaving the Christians teaching. Additionally, there are also some Muallaf who converted to their religion either because of a pressure from their parents or friends or even due to economic condition. Meanwhile, according to the testimony of the former church activists, Muslims should be vigilant in terms of the education to the younger generation. 
This is because the lesson of Islam inside the elementary, middle up to upper secondary’s curriculum are considered not enough while the teaching content is not practical and also only teach the students to memorize it. She also said that the economy of the Muslim ummah, especially from the upstream up to the downstream must incorporate a productive economy in order to combat the apostasy movement in the village, particularly in the Salatiga regency. Therefore, BAZNAS Muallaf Center that could be built in Central Java province should not only focus on how to build and lead the faith of the converts (muallaf) but also to improve their economic part through the provision of economic production tools. It is to improve their economic well-being and not just relying on the consumptive assistance only.
(Puskas News | puskasbaznas.com | Rep: M.Quraisy)