PUSKASBAZNAS. COM - Center of Strategic Studies, The National  Board of Zakat ( Puskas BAZNAS), Tanah Datar is one of the districts located in the province of West Sumatra. With 350 inhabitants, Tanah Datar is flanked by Sijunjung, Padang Pariaman, Lunto and Agam Districts. With the natural beauty of the largest mountains and lakes of Singkarak in Sumatera, Tanah Datar is one of the favorite tourist destinations. The condition of the beautiful green mountains encourages Tanah Datar people to grow crops such as rice, fruits, and flowers. Tanah Datar is the largest flower plant supplier for the Sumatera region. The other potential business in Tanah Datar is goat farms.
This is because the lesson of Islam inside the elementary, middle up to upper secondary’s curriculum is considered not enough while the teaching content is not practical and also only teach the students to memorize it. She also said that the economy of the Muslim ummah, especially from the upstream up to the downstream must incorporate a productive economy in order to combat the apostasy movement in the village, particularly in the Salatiga regency. Therefore, BAZNAS Muallaf Center that could be built in Central Java province should not only focus on how to build and lead the faith of the converts (muallaf) but also to improve their economic part through the provision of economic production tools. It is to improve their economic well-being and not just relying on the consumptive assistance only.
Muhammad Choirin, a researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies - Baznas visited one of the goat breeding and feed centers located on the slopes of Mount Marapi. The survey was conducted on Sunday - Tuesday (1-3 / March) in 4 (four) ZCD locations, namely Jorong Subaran, Jorong Jirek, Joro Kadurang and Jorong Koto Gantuang, Nagari Andaleh Batipuh, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatera.
Before visiting the location of the center of the farm that is built Zakat Community Development (ZCD), Mr. Choirin has the opportunity to visit the office of Wali Nagari Andaleh. Mr. Choirin welcomed directly by Mr. Wali Nagari, Vice Chairman Baznas Tanah Datar and ZCD Baznas Tanah Datar Implementation Team. After conducting an interview with Pak Wali Nagari for about 2 hours, the ZCD team together with Mr.Choirin visited the Sentra Nursery, Livestock and Feeding Goat Locations.
In the year 2017 -2018, BAZNAS Tanah Datar implement ZCD program in 4 point of different region. Mr. Qadir is one of the beneficiaries of ZCD BAZNAS. With the help of capital in the form of seeds as much as 2 female goats and 1 male, for 2 years he managed to develop into 38 goats. With this progress, ZCD is expected to optimize its role in poverty alleviation programs.
(Puskas News | puskasbaznas.com | Rep: M.Choirin)