PUSKASBAZNAS.COM - One of the ZCD programs in Tanjung Solok Village, Kuala Jambi Subdistrict, East Tanjung Jabung is economic empowerment for female fishermen. The form of economic empowerment conducted by BAZNAS is the formation of a joint venture group of seafood processing industry, the product is shrimp crackers. BAZNAS starts from group formation, skill craftsmanship, production support to group financial management. The assistance that is not less important given by BAZNAS is capital assistance, because capital becomes one of the main obstacles faced by shrimp crackers in the village of Tanjung Solok.


Image : group of shrimp crackers built by BAZNAS

Head of Secretariat of Puskas BAZNAS had the opportunity to visit the solok tanjung kelur along with BAZNAS of East Tanjung Jabung Regency to conduct Zakat Village Index (IDZ) measurement and see Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program based on economic empowerment of female fishermen in the village. Looking at the general condition of the community in the village of solok fishing is the main livelihood of villagers, with abundant fish catch. With the availability of abundant raw materials, the potential for the development of fish processing industry becomes promising for the development of villagers, especially women as additional family income.

(Rep : Yunus A)