A delegate of IRTI (Islamic Research and Training Institute) of the IDB (Islamic Development Bank) met BAZNAS chairman on Friday (Sept 30, 2016) at BAZNAS headquarter in Jakarta. Prof Bambang Sudibyo (BAZNAS Chairman) accompanied by Nana Mintarti (Member of BAZNAS Board) and Irfan Syauqi Beik (PUSKAS BAZNAS Director) received the IRTI delegates led by Prof Mohd Azmi Omar (IRTI Director General). IDB Country Director, Ibrahim Al-Shoukry also attended the meeting.

As stated by the IRTI Director General, the purpose of the meeting was two discuss two issues. The first one was the issue of technical notes of ZCP (Zakat Core Principles) that will be discussed in Surabaya on 28 October this year, while the second issue was related to IDB’s technical assistance to BAZNAS amounted to USD 750 thousand for pilot project of an integrated and IT-based zakat and government community development program.

In response to the issues, BAZNAS Chairman updated the IRTI delegates with preparation already made by BAZNAS. As for technical notes, PUSKAS BAZNAS and Bank Indonesia had met to set up joint team to prepare the technical notes document. There will be two areas of technical notes, i.e. on good amil governance and risk management of zakat. These two documents will be circulated among the participating zakat authorities two or three days prior to the meeting.

BAZNAS Chairman, Prof Bambang, also said that for the pilot project, BAZNAS would wait for internal decision process within the IDB. Prof Azmi replied that he would discuss the matter with other IDB colleagues so that the pilot project could be executed in the nearfuture. The two leaders agreed that strengthening cooperation would be the best way to optimize global zakat potential.