Zakat Management Organization (ZMO) is one of the islamic social financial institution that managing public fund. Public fund management requires a good accountability and transparency in order to maintain public trust on social financial institution including ZMO. Hence it is important for ZMO to lauch and implement several policies that will support its operation in a good manner and governance both in zakat collection as well as distribution.

Due the issue of transparency is highly important for zakat management, as the global research institution of zakat, Puskas BAZNAS is designing a methodology to assess how far the transparent level of ZMO. Currently, the methodology is concerning on the assessment of financial operation, zakat institutional management and zakat distribution programs.

Nevertheless, to check the reliability and validity of the methodology that will be used in assessing transparency level of ZMO, Puskas BAZNAS conducted a pilot study by inviting BAZNAS Provinsi Banten, BAZNAS Kabupaten Serang, BAZNAS Kota Cilegon and LAZ Harfa within 18-19 November 2019.

All participants support Puskas BAZNAS to develop this kind of methodology which hopefully, in the future, the result of the study will also assist Zakat Management Organizations to improve their zakat management to strictly address to the transparency values. Hence, the public trust to zakat institution will gradually incline.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS