Zakat is a unique obligation, which the impact is not solely on ibadah to Allah Subhanahuwataala, but also enlarges an impact to humans. The reward in practicing it is from The Almighty Allah Subhanahuwataala. Further, zakat also contributes to the economy of the people who receive it, or we call them as mustahiq.

OPZ is an institution that has the role to manage zakat in the context of Indonesia. As a critical component in a zakat ecosystem, an OPZ needs to establish an indicator of transparency in order to well govern the function of zakat as a development in both micro and macro scale of economy.

In order to measure the level of transparency of OPZ in the province of West Jawa and Sumedang regency, BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with participants were zakat stakeholders in these areas. They were included the chairmen of zakat institutions, the Muzakis and Mustahiks, and other relevant stakeholders.

In all, the invited participants eagerly supported and appreciated the effort which has been initiated by Puskas BAZNAS in conducting such discussions and measurements on that OPZ transparency, which is hoped the results of the study can improve the management of zakat both in the Province, and City or District. So that Muzakis feel comfortable channeling zakat through OPZ and can also foster a level of awareness of the people who already have an obligation to pay zakat.