On Tuesday, April 7 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held an online meeting discussing a current research regarding Financial Ratio of Zakat Management Institutions. The level of performance and sustainability of a zakat management organization are crucial to be analyzed and measured in order to predict the well-being of the institution itself. One of the measurements used to measure the finansial performance of a Zakat Management Institution is by analyzing the financial reports through the financial ratio. Therefore, Puskas BAZNAS annually conducts a research and publishes the results of the Financial Ratio to the public.

The online meeting was participated by the Director of Puskas BAZNAS, M. Hasbi Zaenal, Ph.D, along with members of Strategic Research Team 1, and Ibu Patria Yunita. The meeting was held via Google Meets. The meeting discussed the progress of the Financial Ratio research. The results of the meeting stated that from a total of 90 Zakat Management Institutions, 59 are measurable for the Financial Ratio. The results of the research are expected to be published as a book by May 2020.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS