As Ramadhan approaches, it is important for all muslims to increase their faith as preparation for the Holy Month. This includes Puskas BAZNAS as they continue to develop and finalize their research in time for Ramadhan. Puskas BAZNAS Strategic Research Team 1 has previously implemented 6 pilot projects for the Shariah Compliance Index and continues to revise, edit, and develop the index and questionnare according to the results of the pilot project.

The Shariah Compliance Index research was first developed at the beginning of the year and went through various processes to ensure its applicability and reliability as a new measurement tool for Zakat Management Institutions across the nation. Strategic Research Team 1 who is responsible for this research held an online meeting on Thursday, April 16 2020 via Google Meets to finalize the Shariah Compliance questionarre. The meeting was lead by Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi as the head of the division and participated by the members of the team, Mrs. Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa and Miss Arwa Violaditya Rarasocta.

The meeting discussed final edits for the questionnare. The questionnare edits were made in order to create a more user friendly version so that it is easy for the respondent to fill out and minimalize any errors. The results of the Shariah Compliance Index will be implemented throughout Indonesia after finalization.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS