To formulate an index, there should be indicators that are precise and relatable with the reality. This is needed so the index can visualize the condition of the observed object and therefore can be a significant evaluation input. To achieve this goal, Puskas BAZNAS and the Central Bank of Indonesia invited local Baznas to formulate the indicators of the Implementation Index of Zakat Core Principles (ZCP) that will be implemented through pilot project ZCP.

In the discussion, BAZNAS of province West Java, BAZNAS of Depok and BAZNAS of Sumedang were the representatives of local BAZNAS. The local BAZNAS were invited so they can contribute to share the practical perspectives so the indicators that were formulated can describe the current reality. The discussion was conducted to discuss every indicator in detail by referring to the existing regulation in regard to the management of zakat institutions.

Furthermore, in this discussion, the Central Bank of Indonesia and BAZNAS also discuss the flow plan and the timeline of the ZCP pilot project that will be implemented in West Java. The discussion that was running for two hours via an online platform is expected to advance the prior indicators before the index can be implemented in ZCP pilot project.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS