The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia gets increasing. At the moment, at least 383 cities in Indonesia are reporting the positive case to the central government. To slow down the spread of this pandemi, the government issues some policies such as social distancing and large scale social restriction (PSBB in bahasa) in some areas in Indonesia. The implementation of these two policies create impact to many people and hence there are many studies that observe the impacted vulnerable workers.

Therefore, in facing this pandemic, BAZNAS attempts to assist the society who are in need. Many assisting programs are arranged and the assisting fund is distributed to the people. There are two assisting programs of BAZNAS which are special distribution and existing programs. Specifically, BAZNAS prioritizes special distribution programs that are channeled further through healthy and social emergency programs.

After implementing the program, there should be an evaluation to assess the effectiveness level in the distribution program. The assessment is essential for BAZNAS to be an evaluation so in the further program, there can be a better program that can benefit more people. Furthermore, the assessment is expected to capture the perception of the society towards BAZNAS in this pandemic.

Hence, Centre of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS) attempts to make a research regarding The Perception of Society Towards BAZNAS in COVID-19 Pandemic Time. This research aims to comprehend the response of society for the help program by BAZNAS. This study will be conducted in collaboration with CIBEST IPB.

PUSKAS arranged the meeting with CIBEST IPB on 15th May 2020. This discussion was attended by research strategic 2 and CIBEST IPB team that was represented Dr. Lukman M. Baga as the head of CIBEST and Tita Nursyamsiah. This research is expected to be published on June 2020 and hence the result can give an important recommendation to BAZNAS in improving the zakat service.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS