The annual survey national zakat index (NZI) is presently conducted by the Center of strategic studies the National Board of Zakat Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS) across the nation. In addition to the survey, there are also two surveys of shariah compliance (IKSOPZ) and transparency index (ITRANS OPZ) of zakat institution conducted together with the NZI 2020.

On 30/07/2020, the survey is conducted with zakat institutions in the province of North Kalimantan. The NZI 2020 that expects the number of more than 8.000 respondents for the survey of zakat impact (KDZ) aims to collect the data from this province.

Furthermore, the IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ that are supported by the Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia (Kemenag RI) are expected their first implementation across the zakat institutions in the country. The IKSOPZ and ITRANS OPZ are among the pioneers developing the framework of shariah compliance and transparency of zakat institution.

In short, it is projected the training with zakat organisations in Province North Kalimantan to gain the expected respondents that is beneficial for the studies. Thus, several applicable recommendations are earned which can benefit the zakat stakeholders in Indonesia.