BAZNAS through the Mustahik Farmer Empowerment Institute provides assistance in the form of composing training for mustahik breeders at the BAZNAS Garut Livestock Center, on Thursday (11/2). The activity consisted of the presentation of compost making techniques and the practice of making compost from sheep dung which was conveyed by the Program Supervisor, M. Sirajatun.

For your information, in 2021 the BAZNAS Garut Animal Husbandry Center has built a compost house to be used by farmers in the production of large amounts of compost.

In general, the compost that will be developed is organic compost from sheep dung in the breeder’s pen. Later, this impurities will be processed and undergo partial decomposition of a mixture of organic materials which can be accelerated by the population of various kinds of microbes in warm, humid, and aerobic or anaerobic environmental conditions.

The livestock manure that will be processed into compost in this initial production is 1 ton of sheep manure. In addition to increasing income economically for farmers, the use of manure to compost can be one of the uses for the concept of zero waste livestock, so that no waste is wasted into the surrounding environment.

Gagan Setiawan, as the program assistant said that this training  is expected to be able to help farmers to prepare ready to sell compost, which will later provide additional income for mustahik breeders apart from buying and selling livestock. The compost marketing plan will temporarily be marketed in the Sukalillah Village area since the surrounding area is an agricultural area.

The farmer is very enthusiastic about the training, Jenal (55). The chairman of the Sauyunan Farmer Group really hopes that the compost house and composting training can be one of the triggers for the running and development of the Mekar Jaya Farmer Cooperative. Later it can have an impact on improving the economy of the members and the environment around the Balai Ternak program area.