Facing 2021, the Central Bank of Indonesia and Puskas BAZNAS were discussing a research collaboration. The discussion, which was held on February 26, 2021 virtually, began with the dissemination of the 2020 digital zakat payment survey. In this research, the survey results showed the readiness and conditions for digitizing zakat in zakat institutions across Indonesia. Also, the central bank encourages BAZNAS in all regions to digitize zakat payment and channels through many platforms. The online alternative aims to assist people to pay zakat more easily.

After discussing the digitization of zakat collection, Central Bank of Indonesia discussed another research that is expected to be conducted this year. Central Bank of Indonesia proposed a continuation of the study carried out previously in 2020, namely the implementation of the Zakat Core Principle (ZCP) in the form of inter-regional BAZNAS training. In the meeting, Puskas and the Central Bank of Indonesia also discussed the plan for continuing the ZCP Technical Notes project aiming as a derivative of ZCP that can be articulated directly by the zakat institutions.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS