Jakarta, (3/6/2021) Puskas BAZNAS and RMI NU held a meeting to discuss the preparation for a joint research on Pesantren Empowerment. Dr. Hasbi Zaenal as the Director of Puskas BAZNAS chaired the session explaining the points of view on research planning as well as the urgency of the research. The session was followed by the insightful feedback from the chairman of RMI NU, KH. Abdul Gaffar Rozin. The discussion which was held through a virtual platform ran smoothly and effectively.

One of the challenges in zakat management is maximizing zakat funds in distribution to create significant economic, social and religious impact. The purpose of the joint research is to identify the mechanism of Pesantren-based ZIS Empowerment. The number of pesantren, which reaches thousands, in Indonesia has various potentials to be developed, which also have an important position in the community ecosystem. Furthermore, a thousand pesantren are expected to produce intellectual generations who are productive and competent not only spiritually but also economically.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS