On Tuesday (15/6/2021), BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) had the opportunity to visit the BAZNAS of Central Java Province’s office for an in-depth interview regarding the implementation of the imposition of zakat on civil servant in the Central Java Province. This interview was attended by the board of director of Central Java BAZNAS consisting of Dr. KH Ahmad Darodji, M.Si (Chairman of BAZNAS Central Java), Drs. H. Sholihul Huda, MM (Vice Chair II), Drs. H. M. Zain Yusuf, MM (Vice Chair III), Drs KH Ahmad Hadlor Ikhsan (Vice Chair IV), and Drs. H. Ahyani, M.Si (Secretary) while from Puskas BAZNAS are Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Ph.D. (Director of Puskas) and Adhitya K. Zaenardi, S.E (Junior Researcher).

The interview aims to obtain information to what extent the implementation of the regulation on the imposition of zakat on civil servant in the Central Java provincial government has taken place so far. In addition, it also obtains information on ZIS management by Central Java BAZNAS, both in terms of collection, distribution, operations and reporting.

The interview went well and a lot of information and input was obtained from this activity. The data and information obtained will then be used as material in compiling the study of Zakat on Civil Servant.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS