Tuesday, 8/6 The Training of National Zakat Index and Zakat Impact Assessment Survey for the West Java Province were conducted smoothly. This event was held successfully to collaborate with the Puskas BAZNAS RI and Puskas BAZNAS of West Java. More than 30 participants attended the training as representatives of BAZNAS and LAZ in West Java Province.

In 2020, 28 BAZNAS institution in West Java, as many as 20 BAZNAS had filled out the complete IZN and KDZ in 2020. In addition, there are 1 LAZ on the Provincial Scale and 5 LAZ on the City/Regency Scale that complete the IZN and KDZ. "This participation rate is expected to increase this year, as well as the quality of the survey. Therefore, especially with the West Java BAZNAS Puskas, the implementation of IZN and KDZ 2021 in West Java is expected to be better," said the Director of the BAZNAS Puskas.

This year's IZN and KDZ training was held online again in connection with the pandemic situation. There are not many technical changes in the implementation of the survey compared to the previous year so that all BAZNAS and LAZ can immediately conduct surveys after the Puskas BAZNAS delivers technical guidelines and instructions for completing the survey. As the Decree of the Chairman of BAZNAS No. 24 of 2020 concerning the National Zakat Index, this IZN must be implemented by all BAZNAS, LAZ at the national, provincial, and city/district levels as an instrument for measuring the performance of national zakat management.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS