On Monday (07/06), BAZNAS Center for Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) held a training on the use of the IZN application for all Zakat Management Organization’s (ZMO) representatives in Central Java Province. Just like the previous year, the training was carried out online considering the spread of COVID-19 which still had to be watched out for.

The training began with opening remarks from the Head of BAZNAS Central Java Province, Dr. KH Ahmad Darodji, M.Sc. He invited all OPZ in Central Java to actively participate in 2021 NZI and Impact Studies. Next was remarks by Muhammad Choirin, Ph.D. (Vice Director of Puskas BAZNAS). He conveyed the importance of IZN in identifying aspect that need to be improved in the management of ZIS by an ZMO. In addition, he also conveyed an overview of the results of the 2021 NZI in Central Java Province which in general, the Central Java Province NZI value was 0.52 (Good Enough).

In the main event, Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi, SE and Arwa Violaditya R, S.Pkm (Junior Researcher) trained participants to be able to use the IZN and Impact Studies application. The 2021’s version has no fundamental difference with the last year version. There are features and display updates that make it easier for users to input NZI and Impact Studies data.

Overall, the virtual training went well and conducive. Each ZMO representative attended the training well and provided input and suggestions regarding the implementation of the NZI and Impact Studies in the future. Hopefully in 2021 all ZMO in Central Java Province can fully contribute to measuring 2021 NZI and Impact Studies.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS