Training for implementing the 2021 National Zakat Index Survey and Zakat Impact Assessment in the Central Kalimantan Province was held simultaneously with the West Papua Province. The training, which was held on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, was opened directly by the Head of BAZNAS of Central Kalimantan Province and the Head of BAZNAS of West Papua Province. Also present was Mr Muhammad Choirin, PhD, as the Deputy Director of the Puskas BAZNAS, who also gave a speech.

Based on the implementation of the IZN KDZ 2020 in Central Kalimantan Province, from BAZNAS that filled out the IZN KDZ completely, as much as 10% have received a Good category, 40% have received a Fairly Good category. The remaining 50% have received an IZN score in the Poor category

During the training, unstable signal problems prevented some areas from listening to the training materials. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants to follow the training to completion. However, the training participants hope that the pandemic will end soon to be held offline.

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS