Thursday (5/8/2021), Puskas BAZNAS held a Public Expose of Research Results on the Implementation of Regulations on Zakat Management in Indonesia. This event is an activity carried out to improve zakat literacy for the community, provide information about best practices from BAZNAS East Java and study the regulations of Law No. 23 of 2011.

This Public Expose was attended by more than 200 participants from amil zakat and academics throughout Indonesia. This event was also attended by Mr. Yandri Susanto as chairman of Commission VIII of the DPR RI. He really appreciated this activity because it would be beneficial for zakat management.

The speaker of the first session of the Public Expose was Dr. H Imam Yahya, M.Ag from UIN Walisongo Semarang. The material presented was entitled Implications of ASN Zakat Policy: A Case Study of BAZNAS Central Java Province. Furthermore, the second material was presented by Dr. H Muhammad Bahrul Ilmie regarding the Legal Politics of Zakat Management in Indonesia: A Study of Law Number 23 of 2011.

The event which lasted for two hours went smoothly. Participants were enthusiastic in listening to the presentation of the material. The question and answer session was conducted very interactively between participants and the speakers.

Zakat-themed activities need to be held regularly. This is a way to promote zakat activities as well as a means of learning among amil zakat. It is hoped that in the future, events like this can strengthen zakat management in Indonesia.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS