On Friday (13/08/2021), Puskas BAZNAS and IPB University discussed the Islamic Economics Winter Courses (IEWC) plan. This meeting was attended by the Research Strategic 2 team from Puskas BAZNAS and the Department of Ekonomi Syariah from IPB University. The discussion discussed the preparation progress that each team had taken in designing the IEWC program aimed to ensure that the IEWC implementation would run smoothly and increase knowledge about Islamic social finance for the participants.

The Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) coordination meeting began with an opening by Mrs. Yekti Maharani as the moderator in this coordination meeting. After the opening, it was followed by a session on the progress of each division. Media partners for the Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) program, namely Fossei, IAEI, KNEKS, and others, will be confirmed soon. In addition to conveying the progress of each division, this meeting also presented a detailed job description of the division in the Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) program. The event division will serve as a compiler and make a rundown of the event. Based on the explanation by the division, the event for the waqf forest was not held due to time constraints. In addition, there will be a Virtual Field Trip video. The Virtual Field Trip video will change slightly in the form of a concept, and the Virtual Field Trip video will be in the form of a recording.

In this meeting, input was also conveyed by the Puskas BAZNAS, where the  Puskas BAZNAS will distribute the Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) program to Regional BAZNAS. This action is taken to add participants to the Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) program. So that the Islamic Winter Courses (IEWC) program can add participants to the program. As for the batik village that it will include in the Virtual Field Trip video will be coordinated in advance regarding the event's day and the planned virtual tour.

Rep : Puskas BAZNAS