Thursday, August 12, 2021 BAZNAS held an audience with MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) for consultation on the issues faced by zakat institutions. on this occasion Commisioner of BAZNAS and MUI officials were present at this meeting. In this session, two main topics will be discussed, namely fiisabilillah funds and zakat from corporate.

The activity began with a speech by the Chairman of BAZNAS, Prof. Dr. K.H. Noor Achmad, M.A who said that BAZNAS as the coordinator nationally with approximately 375,000 Amil throughout Indonesia, of course, has so many dynamics happening that needs to be reinforcement in the form of a fatwa from MUI to keep it in line with sharia. Deputy chairman of the fatwa commission and DSN MUI, Kyai Maulana Hasanudin, delivered these are not an easy matter because this had never happened before, so we need to be an in-depth discussion among the Ulama. This hearing activity will be occured at the next meeting, considering that there are many issues to be discussed while the time available is very limited.

BAZNAS is often faced with contemporary situations that are quite complex, requiring innovations in zakat both collection and distribution so that these activities can be carried out effectively, efficiently and also have a significant impact in transforming mustahik into muzaki. In zakat management, BAZNAS strives to adhere to three main principles, namely; match in sharia accordance, match in law and regulation, and match in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. one of the application of match in sharia accordance is following fatwas issued by MUI in order to stay on the path that is allowed in the management of zakat.

Therefore, it is very important for BAZNAS to obtain sharia guidelines or fatwas from MUI in dealing with contemporary issues in managing zakat so that BAZNAS can make innovations in zakat management with a strong sharia legal basis.

Rep : Puskas BAZNAS