The COVID-19 Pandemic requires zakat institutions to adopt various digital platforms in zakat management to run effectively and efficiently in zakat collection, distribution and reporting. According to the study conducted by East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) 2021, the digital competitiveness among provinces in Indonesia has become more equal. This is reflected in the increase of the median EV-DCI score, jumping from 27.9 in 2020 to 32.1 in 2021. Based on these findings, zakat institutions in Indonesia must further prepare themselves by providing adequate human resources and infrastructure in order to capture opportunities for equal distribution of digitalization across Indonesia which is increasingly showing good performance.

Currently, Puskas BAZNAS in collaboration with DEKS BI are designing an indicator for zakat stakeholders both at the regulator up to operators level a reliable guidelines that can be used to assess the digital transformation process of zakat management in Indonesia.

On Tuesday (31/08/2021), Puskas BAZNAS collaborates with DEKS BI conducts first FGD on the Digital Readiness Index online. Several zakat institutions were invited to the FGD such as BAZNAS, IZI and LAZISMU. Attend in the meeting, Dr. M Hasbi Zaenal Director of Puskas BAZNAS, Dr. M. Choirin Deputy Director of Puskas BAZNAS, Abdul Aziz YS Head of Research, Publication and Partnership division of Puskas BAZNAS, Hafiza Elvira Interim Head of BAZNAS Digital Division, Seprian Dwi Karyansyah Manager Digital Fundrising LAZ IZI, M. Furqon Fundraising, Digital and Services Manager of LAZISMU and 3 other members from Puskas BAZNAS Team. The FGD was going smoothly and all zakat institutions representatives enthusiastically shared their ideas and reviews about the project.

"Hopefully this index can encourage digitalization of zakat in Indonesia", said Hafiza Elvira


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS