On Thursday (08/26/2021),  Puskas BAZNAS conducts a discussion on designing a national zakat coordination index online together with BAZNAS Province and District/City. The purpose of this discussion is to measure the relevance or suitability of the dimensions, variables, and indicators of the BAZNAS Coordination Index within its operations. The discussion also related to the feasibility or ease of application of the BAZNAS Coordination Index. The series of events began with a brief presentation on the concept and objectives of the BAZNAS Coordination Index by the Director of Puskas BAZNAS, Dr Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal and a presentation on the BAZNAS Coordination Index as a whole by the researcher of Puskas BAZNAS

The main event of the discussion was started when researchers from the BAZNAS Centre Strategic presented the Coordination Index, from concepts to variables, dimensions, and indicators and a discussion session with Regional BAZNAS. In the discussion session, Dr Rida, as a representative of BAZNAS Depok City, gave some valuable feedback and comments for the BAZNAS Coordination Index, especially on the Likert scale section. The discussion session continued with BAZNAS of East Java Province (Mr. Benny Nur), BAZNAS Medan City (Drs. Sangkot Saragih), BAZNAS Kab. Boalemo (Mr. Rismed Dai), and BAZNAS of North Sumatra Province, (Drs.H Musaddad Lubis, MA.)