The application is an e-learning platform for the Online University (Zawoni) Zakat Waqf program. This application is needed for the continuity of the teaching and learning process as long as Zawoni is implemented. This application includes the main platform for registration, attendance, teaching and learning processes between lecturers and students, such as providing teaching materials, giving quizzes, and giving final assessments for students.

On Friday (04/11/2022), the Directorate of Study and Development of ZIS and the National DSKL (DKPN) held a meeting about website development because the Zawoni program was in the stage of launching and implementing in the form of opening basic and advanced classes for all Amil and academics around the world at the BAZNAS ICONZ Expo, 31 November-1 December 2022. The meeting was attended by Dr M Hasbi Zaenal, Director of DKPN BAZNAS RI, Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, Head of the Innovation and Creative Programs Division, Dewi Febriani from Tazkia Institute, and Siti Maulida from the Innovation and Creative Program Division.

Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi opened the meeting and then continued with a discussion between both parties. This discussion went smoothly and ended with an agreement to support the development of the Zawoni website for launching at the 6th ICONZ and Zakat Expo (BAZNAS ICONZ Expo).

Rep. Puskas BAZNAS