The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS RI) held a Coordination Meeting for National Amil Zakat Institutions (LAZNAS) in Jakarta, on Tuesday (27/12/2022). The agenda aims to be a forum for socializing the relationship between the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, BAZNAS, and LAZ,  socialization of LAZ governance and national zakat policies, as well as a gathering and sharing session between BAZNAS and LAZ. 

The event was also attended by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion's Director of Zakat and Waqf Empowerment, Drs. H. Tarmizi Tohor, MA; Chairman of BAZNAS RI, Prof. Dr. KH. Noor Achmad MA.; as well as representatives from the National Amil Zakat Institution.

Director of Empowerment of Zakat and Waqf of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, Drs. H. Tarmizi Tohor, MA, explained various strategies for strengthening relations between the Ministry of Religion, BAZNAS and LAZ. Among them is the harmonization of the vision, mission, and strategic plans in the field of zakat to support national development, optimizing education and socialization of zakat literacy, synergizing the mustahik empowerment distribution program, and supervising LAZNAS sharia compliance. According to him, improving the quality of religious life through zakat is an essential national strategic agenda.

"Because one of the goals of national zakat management is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services in the management of zakat and to increase the benefits of zakat to realize social welfare and poverty alleviation," said Drs. H. Tarmizi Tohor, MA.

While in his remarks, the Chairman of BAZNAS RI, Prof. Dr. KH. Noor Achmad MA., expressed his gratitude to all Amil Zakat Institutions, LAZ on a national scale, which has collaborated with BAZNAS to realising the welfare of the people throughout 2022. 

According to Noor, in optimizing and harmonizing zakat management organizations nationally, it is important for BAZNAS and LAZ on a national scale to move in one vision, and one goal to realize the vision as the main institution for the welfare of the people. "With regard to this unification of visions and goals, we are all gathered here to consolidate the 2023 Zakat Movement for the welfare of the people, on the agenda of the 2022 National Scale Amil Zakat Institution Coordination Meeting," said Noor. 

In the last two years, BAZNAS RI has continued to encourage the strengthening of BAZNAS at the provincial, district and city levels, through four strengthening and emphasizing the 3A principles, namely Aman Syar’i (Safe Syar'i), Aman Regulasi (Safe Regulations), and Aman NKRI (Safe NKRI). Four reinforcements aim to streamline zakat management in Indonesia, namely institutional strengthening, human resource strengthening, infrastructure strengthening, and network strengthening. This is what BAZNAS continues to push, including at the LAZNAS level.

Through this event, BAZNAS hopes to establish an increasingly dynamic and positive relationship between BAZNAS and LAZ, so that the management of zakat, infaq and sadaqah can be more optimal.

"I hope that at this time's LAZNAS Coordination Meeting, BAZNAS and LAZNAS will establish synergy and collaboration in welcoming 2023. In this way, BAZNAS and LAZNAS can continue to maintain public trust and establish themselves as the main institutions for the welfare of the people," said Noor.