Farmer groups assisted by the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) do organic rice weeding that aims to reduce competition between rice plants and weeds and maximize the growth of organic rice (09/01/2023).

The activity was carried out on one of the farmer’s land who is the member of Berkah Tani Farmer Group located in Cimanggu Village, Cikembar District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

Mr. Mudin, BAZNAS assisted farmer, currently has 1 hectare of organic rice farming business. He also develops other cultivations in the horticulture sub-sector such as cucumbers, string beans, water spinaches, etc.

The process of maintenance does not only provide nutrients in the form of either liquid or solid organic fertilizer, but weeding is an important factor to maximize plant growth. At present, the age of the rice is already 50 days after planting with 15-22 rice tillers.

The weeding mechanism in organic farming is certainly different, especially the implementation scale is more intense compared to conventional rice. By using hands, weeding is better than using tools that are not so optimal.