BAZNAS RI held an online coordination meeting with the Sharia Financial and Economic Department of Bank Indonesia (DEKS-BI) regarding the continuation of the collaborative plan for Technical Notes on Zakat Core Principles (TN ZCP) on Friday, 19 May 2023. This meeting was attended by the Head and Staff of the Innovation and Creativity Program Division (Directorate of Research and Development BAZNAS RI) and the Sharia Financial Inclusion Sector Empowerment Group Team of Bank Indonesia.

BAZNAS RI and DEKS-BI held this meeting to discuss the direction and continuation of the collaboration regarding the development of the TN ZCP in the form of a study book that specifically discussed risk management in zakat institutions, especially the principles of Country and Transfer Risk & Reputation and Muzakki Loss Risk. This is expected to encourage the development of zakat institutions to have good management standardization in Muslim countries.

The goal of preparation of the TN ZCP study book is to examine in more detail the appropriate policies and processes to control government risk and zakat transfers in its international zakat transfer activities; and an appropriate management framework to manage systemic, reputation, and lack of trust risks. This coordination meeting was uneventful and met with enthusiastic reactions.