On August 10, 2023, a team from the Directorate of Research and Development of BAZNAS RI (DKPN ZIS-DSKL of BAZNAS RI) became a participant in the International Conference on Philanthropy in Digital Era (ICOPHILA). ICOPHILA is an international scientific conference organized by University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta with the theme "Sustainable Muslim Philanthropy in Digital Age: Reinvention, Innovation, and Public Expression."

The purpose of the DKPN ZIS-DSKL of BAZNAS RI participating in this event is to get the opportunity to publish scientific papers in indexed and reputable international journals so as to increase the visibility and credibility of the results of national zakat management studies in Indonesia that have been conducted by the DKPN ZIS-DSKL of BAZNAS RI. This, in turn, is expected to encourage the creation of an inclusive and quality zakat management civilization.

In the event, the team from the DKPN ZIS-DSKL of BAZNAS RI presented three scientific papers entitled: 1) Analysis of Zakat Management Performance Based on the National Zakat Index 2) How Far the Confidence Level of Zakat Payer in Indonesia? 3) Zakat for Food Security: A Bibliometric Analysis.

Participating in this international scientific conference is certainly a good opportunity for researchers to get a proper place to publish scientific papers, including for the DKPN ZIS-DSKL of BAZNAS RI, which is actively conducting national zakat management studies.