On September 7, 2023, BAZNAS inaugurated Laboratorium Manajemen Zakat (LMZ) on the campus of Institut Ilmu Al-Qur’an (IIQ) Jakarta. The laboratory will be used to prepare competent Amil candidates in the future.

Present at the event were the Distribution and Utilization Leader of BAZNAS RI, Mrs. Hj. Saidah Sakwan, MA., Rector of IIQ Jakarta, Dr. Nadjematul Faizah, M.Hum., Deputy Chair for Collections at BAZNAS South Tangerang, Ahmad Taufik, MA. Dean of FSEI IIQ Jakarta Dr. Syarif Hidayatullah, MA., Head of the Sharia Economic Law Study Program Rohmatul Fadil, MA., Head of the Zakat and Waqf Management Study Program, Syafaat Muhari MA., as well as lecturers and students at FSEI IIQ Jakarta.

Simultaneously with the inauguration event, a Public Lecture was held on "Amil's Competence in Responding to the Challenges of Zakat Development in Indonesia".

Mrs. Saidah Sakwan, MA., symbolically inaugurated Laboratorium Manajemen Zakat (LMZ). She hopes that IIQ Jakarta can create future technocrats, bureaucrats, and leaders, including in the field of zakat, who have memorized the Koran and with excellent mastery of Ushul fiqh, jurisprudence, and instrument knowledge. Laboratorium Manajemen Zakat (LMZ) is a program initiated by BAZNAS to support efforts to strengthen the zakat management ecosystem in Indonesia, especially for institutions with sharia economics or zakat and waqf management programs.

"The aim is for universities to produce superior and competent graduates who comprehensively understand the theory and practices of zakat management," said Mrs. Saidah Sakwan.