Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma'ruf Amin, has encouraged the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) to implement three strategies in creating a transformation in the governance of Islamic social funds, such as zakat, infaq, and sadaqah (ZIS) to improve the welfare of the people.


It was revealed by Vice President Ma'ruf when attending the BAZNAS 2023 National Coordination Meeting at the Sultan Hotel, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (20/9/2023).


"First, formulate various ideas and implement them in innovations in the management of sharia social funds, especially ZIS and Other Religious Social Funds, so that they can become part of alternative solutions to improve people's welfare and eradicate extreme poverty in Indonesia," said Ma'ruf.


According to him, these efforts are closely related to improving the health quality, social protection, education, and various other social aspects, so the handling must be synergized.


Second, the Vice President urged BAZNAS to intensify synergy and collaboration between ministries/institutions and local governments, universities, businesses and industries in potential sectors, and related stakeholders. According to him, no target is impossible to achieve if each party continues to give its best contribution.


"Third, increase the use of digital technology in an integrated way so that the collection, distribution, and management of ZIS and Other Religious Social Funds achieve optimal results," he said.


For this reason, Vice President Ma'ruf expects that this year Rakornas BAZNAS can be a productive and transformative forum, and be able to produce significant program recommendations that increase public trust, especially muzaki, so that they are encouraged to pay ZIS through BAZNAS as the main institution for the welfare of the people.

On a separate occasion, Chairman of BAZNAS RI, Prof. Dr. KH Noor Achmad, MA, welcomed the instructions of Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. According to Noor, the institution he leads is ready to follow the instructions to achieve the welfare of the wider community.


"BAZNAS is always ready to transform for the good of all parties. With the instructions from Mr. Vice President Ma'ruf Amin, it is certainly a guideline for us so that we can continue to work optimally for the benefit of the people," Noor said.