The National Board of Zakat of the Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS RI) held a joint prayer on the 23rd anniversary of BAZNAS on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at the Achmad Subianto Hall of BAZNAS RI Building. This agenda was attended by the Chairman of BAZNAS RI, Prof. Dr. KH Noor Achmad, Vice Chairman of BAZNAS RI, H. Mokhamad Mahdum, the Board of Directors, as well as all Amilin and Amilat of BAZNAS RI throughout Indonesia.

In the series of activities, Prof. Dr. KH Noor Achmad said in his speech that the Love Zakat Movement will reach its peak in 2025. In relation to the theme of the 23rd anniversary, he explained that a peaceful Muzaki will make Mustahik happy, so as Amil we can also provide the best service to Muzaki so they will feel peaceful. After giving a speech, the event continued with a joint prayer led by the Chairman of BAZNAS Central Java Province, KH Ahmad Darodji.

In addition, in the framework of BAZNAS 23rd Anniversary, BAZNAS RI also distributed ZChicken packages as many as 2,300 boxes during the day and 2,300 boxes in the afternoon for Mustahik in Jakarta. The ZChicken distribution was held in the courtyard of BAZNAS RI Head Office which was attended by the Chairman of BAZNAS RI and the entire leadership. Mrs Saidah Sakwan, as the Leader of Distribution and Utilisation, said that BAZNAS can provide benefits to the surrounding society. She also said, "Hopefully the performance of BAZNAS in the future will be better, and we expect BAZNAS-assisted MSME businesses from micro to macro and God willing, they can become Muzaki ''.

Along with the 23rd anniversary of BAZNAS, hopefully BAZNAS can be even better and spread more benefits to the public, so that Mustahik can be helped by the helping hand given by BAZNAS RI.