The Directorate of Research and Development (DKPN) formerly known as the BAZNAS Center for Strategic Studies is a directorate mandated to conduct research and development and create innovations in the management of ZIS and other religious social funds. To improve research performance in 2024, DKPN has conducted a working meeting on Friday, February 16, 2024, in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. The meeting was attended by the BAZNAS Leader for Planning, Research and Development, Director, Head of Division, and research staff.

The meeting began by discussing the results of the National Zakat Index survey and then continued with a discussion of the directorate's Key Performance Indicator for this year. Both the Research and Development Division and the Innovation and Creative Program Division have targets to publish books, policy briefs, official news, Puskas working paper series, and studies in collaboration with external partners. In addition, this working meeting also set the achievement goals for each study conducted, including the development of measurement and evaluation tools, prototyping programs, zakat roadmap and architecture, and zakat literacy.

This meeting was followed by feedback from Prof. (H.C.) Dr. Zainulbahar Noor, SE, M.Ec as the Leader of Planning, Research, and Development of BAZNAS RI. By having this meeting, each study issued by DKPN is expected to be able to analyze the performance of zakat management based on evidence and data, create a measuring tool for zakat management, provide the zakat performance evaluation, measure the impact of zakat on the lives of mustahik, and provide policy recommendations based on the results of research and development that have been conducted.