On Monday (16/04), Puskas BAZNAS conducted IDZ measurement in Kertayasa village, Mandiraja subdistrict, Banjarnegara. Kertayasa Village has the potential of creative industries, namely bamboo weaving. Almost every family has the expertise to make bamboo wicker products. Products produced in the form of baskets, etc. In addition to making webbing, residents also work as farmers. However, with the profession and sales of webbing is not making enough residents' income to meet basic needs. There are still some residents who can only eat once a day.

IDZ measurements are done by conducting direct interviews with the village head and his equipment, and the shadow of the da'wah affairs in the village of Kertayasa. The interview was conducted at the village office, while the RT questionnaire was filled so that Puskas researchers only did confirmation on the questionnaire. This village is one of the villages built by the ZCD team with the field of economic program so it needs to be done with IDZ instrument assessment.


Rep : Novi