The instruments of National Zakat Index and Zakat Village Index have been acknowledged as the tools of BAZNAS in evaluating and assessing the performance of zakat in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2016, National Zakat Index has been utilized by all BAZNAS at provincial and district level. To extends the technical implementation of these instruments, Center of Strategic Studies, The National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) arranged 2nd national workshop on implementation of National Zakat Index in Surabaya, East Java.


Held on 18-19 April, this workshop was attended by representatives of BAZNAS from Eastern region of Indonesia, and some Private Zakat Institutions( LAZ ). The trainers of this event were from The Research and Study Division of Puskas BAZNAS.  

During the workshop, all participants were very enthusiastic to participate by giving comments and questions. The participants received not only the knowledge but also the skill on how to use the instruments. The trainers, in this occasion, distributed the questionnaire and the software to the audiences to enhance the technical procedure which complemented by some simulations. By the end of training session, all participants and the trainers agreed to arrange the schedule and timeline to execute the implementation in their respective region.   


Rep: M. Soleh Nurzaman