• The measurement of the poverty index using the Had Kifayah (HK) standard of IDR 772,088 per capita per month in 2017, shows that the productive zakat program in 26 provinces in Indonesia is able to reduce the poverty. This standard has a higher value than Poverty Line of BPS as of March 2018 which reached IDR 401,220 per capita per month.
  • Nationally, the number of poor according to Had Kifayah that is measured using Headcount Index (H) shows a decline of 18.9%. Similarly with the income inequality which is measured with Income Gap Index (I) also shows a decrease of
    0.03 from of 0.49 to 0.46. Furthermore, there is also a decrease on the poverty gap nationally from IDR 1,467,053 to IDR 1,371,124. Meanwhile for the severity of poverty, it experienced a decline for both which are measured using the Sen Index and FGT Index.
  • Based on the 26 provinces measured, the values of headcount index in all provinces show a decrease after receiving zakat assistance. The significant decrease on the number of poor occurred in South Sumatra where the decline reached 52% from 0.64 to 0.12. Meanwhile, the province which has the slightest change of headcount index is West Kalimantan where the zakat program is only able to reduce the number of poor by 2% of the total mustahik.
  • The measurement results of the income inequality level using the Income Gap Index (I) shows that the majority of the sample provinces experienced a decline in the income inequality.
  • The values of Poverty Gap (P1) in 22 sample provinces experienced a decrease which indicates that the poverty gap is diminishing.
  • The measurement results show that there are decrease in the Sen Index (P2) in all provinces. This indicate the severity of poverty decreases after obtaining zakat assistance.
  • The severity of poverty based on the FGT Index (P3) shows a decline in all provinces except in West Nusa Tenggara which has increased by 0.013. The largest decrease occurred in Gorontalo with a value from 0.67 to 0.43 after received zakat assistance.


Productive Zakat Impact on the Poverty Index According to Had Kifayah