Zakat distribution activities as stated in Law No. 23 of 2011 concerning Zakat Management are divided into two types, namely Distribution and Utilization. The Public and Muzaki Preference Survey on the BAZNAS Distribution Program aims to explore the views and preferences of the public and muzaki regarding the zakat distribution and utilization program carried out by BAZNAS. Through a survey approach, this study explores various aspects such as understanding about zakat, trust in zakat institutions, preferences for types of zakat distribution and utilization programs, as well as areas that are priorities for zakat distribution and utilization. The data collection instrument used a questionnaire distributed to respondents representing various levels of society and muzaki, which was then analyzed using the tabulation method. It is hoped that the survey results can be used as input in planning and implementing Zakat distribution at BAZNAS by always prioritizing the principles of Safe Syar'i, Safe Regulations, and Safe for the Republic of Indonesia.

Public and Muzaki Preference Survey for the BAZNAS Distribution Program