(7/6/2021) The National Zakat Index and Impact of Zakat (IZN and KDZ) training was carried out with participants from BAZNAS in Gorontalo Province. This training is the first training held this year. However, due to the coronavirus, the event still conducted using an online platform such as Zoom Meeting.

IZN is a measurement that is conducted annually by Puskas BAZNAS to all zakat institutions in Indonesia according to BAZNAS Decree no. 24 of 2020. Last year, all BAZNAS in Gorontalo Province participated in filling out the IZN and KDZ. This shows that BAZNAS in Gorontalo Province is highly motivated to improve zakat management by evaluating its performance through measuring instruments made by the BAZNAS Puskas.

The measurement results show that the IZN score in Gorontalo Province last year was Fairly Good. As many as 71.43% of BAZNAS in Gorontalo have received IZN scores with the predicate Good, while there are still 28.57% in the Fairly Good category. Meanwhile, the highest IZN score was obtained by BAZNAS Gorontalo Regency with a value of 0.72 (Good).

Looking at last year's achievements, in 2021, we hope that all BAZNAS in Gorontalo Province will continue to participate in the IZN and KDZ measurements actively. Through this measurement, the management of zakat in the Gorontalo region can be continuously evaluated to provide more incredible benefits for the ummah.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS