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Zakat Literacy Index Version 2.0

Publisher: Pusat Kajian Strategis BAZNAS

Book Size: 29.7cm x 21 cm (A4)

ISBN: 978-623-5858-20-3

Language: Indonesia
© 2024  | 102 Pages
After the five-year journey of the Zakat Literacy Index concept, this study needs to be updated both in terms of concepts and calculation procedures. This is because the evolution of the times continues, and it is hoped that this study can adapt to the conditions without losing the substance of this study.

After a literature review, focused discussions with several experts and other efforts, this section summarises the results of the adaptation of the Zakat Literacy Index, consisting of dimensions, variables and indicators. In addition, changes will also be made to the scale of weights embedded in each dimension, variable and indicator. The Zakat Literacy Index will also be equipped with the concept of Zakat Inclusion and Zakat Resilience or Zakat Wellbeing. The Zakat Literacy Index also uses several references, namely OECD version of Financial Literacy Model, MasterCard Financial Literacy Model, OJK version of Financial Literacy Model, Potrich Financial Literacy Model.