• According to data from the Central Bureau Statistics in 2023, the number of poor people in Indonesia as of March 2023 was 25.90 million people. This number decreased by 250 thousand people year on year and decreased by 460 thousand people compared to September 2022.
  • If we look at the percentage of Indonesia's poor population, in March 2023 it was 9.36 percent, decreased by 0.21 percent compared to September 2022 and decreased by 0.18 percent compared to March 2022.
  • The function of zakat as an instrument for poverty alleviation has actually become a mandate in Article 3 of Law no. 23 of 2011. In accordance with Article 3b of the Law, it is stated that zakat management is aimed at realizing community welfare and alleviating poverty.
  • Measurement of zakat and poverty alleviation is carried out in the Zakat Impact Assessment survey which is carried out annually at BAZNAS RI using the Poverty Indicator instrument which is based on four standards, namely extreme poverty line, poverty line, had kifayah and nisab zakat.
  • Based on these four standards, in 2023 BAZNAS RI will have eradicated poverty for 54,081 beneficiaries or 58.76% and as many as 21,140 beneficiaries are among the extreme poor.

Zakat and Poverty Alleviation Report BAZNAS RI 2023