• This research attempts to analyze the preferred method of campaign in socializing zakat to society as well as evaluate the effectiveness level of existing zakat campaigns.
  • The result shows that the level of education has correlation 0.205 with social media also -0.3 with TV broadcast.
  • The result shows that the higher the level of income of respondents, the more likely to choose a website as preferred media with a correlation or strength of the relationship level of 0.109, followed by social media (0.078), print media (0.490), banners (0.045).
  • Generally, media social is the most preferred campaign media for both muzaki and non muzaki to get trusted information about zakat and its institution.
  • Nighttime (19.00-21.00) was found to a good campaign time, by millennial and non-millennial circles.
  • The overall score shows that BAZNAS campaign can be indicated as quite effective. This implies that the promotion of the institution from empathy, persuasion, impact, and communication dimension could be optimized further.


The Zakat Campaign and Its Effectiveness Score