• Digital world is continually shifting and transforming as new technology emerges. All sectors are expected to embrace digital transformation and become more agile and efficient than ever before, including financial and social sector. Currently, through technology people are able to do transaction from any location without coming from one place to another to set up the transaction or in other words all transaction are done through the digital channels (MIFC, 2016).
  • With the development of digital technology in the banking world which is also a supporting system for the collection of zakat, hence in the world of zakat there is also a shift to use those technology. For instance, in Indonesia other than directly paying zakat to zakat institution, zakat is also collected through digital payment as well as through crowd funding platform or through mobile application. In addition, an artificial intelligence is also developed in the zakat world. Despite the fast changing in digital technology, zakat institution must ensure that adopting those new technology is not violate the principles of zakat.

The 2nd International Conference of Zakat Resolution